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Protect your surroundings against bacteria and viruses

Pathogenic microorganisms can be found on the surfaces of things with which we have contact every day. They can survive even outside the living organism and thus cause infection. According to current research, coronavirus can survive on the surface of things up to several dozen hours depending on the type of surface, temperature and humidity of the environment. That is why compliance with hygiene rules and frequent surface disinfection are so important.
Be careful and take any preventive action. That is why we meet the needs of our clients with a new offer regarding the fight against viruses and pathogenic bacteria. The employer in accordance with art. 207 of the Code of Civil Procedure is obliged to ensure safety and hygiene at work. This is now especially important during the spread of COVID-19.

Protection of personnel and employees by fogging gates

Early prevention is the most important, so the fogging gate should be positioned as close as possible to the entrance to the building, hall or plant to limit the spread of pathogens. A person entering the room is positioned inside the fog gate, after which the system automatically switches on and disinfecting with an antibacterial agent through a fine mist.

The system has standard dimensions: 1000 cm x 2200 cm x 900 cm, 21 spray nozzles were used. It is also possible to make the system on request in any size and any number of nozzles.


The ready set includes:

- stainless steel construction with nozzles,

- panels fixing the structure to the ground,

- tank (50 liters) for the preparation together with the float,

- high pressure mist pump,

- a set of pipes connecting the pump with the structure,

- photocell activating the system (additional option)



  •  The system is simple and quick for self assembly.
  •  Easy to use.
  •  Economical in operation.
  •  Effective and increasing employee safety.

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