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Special Effects

Misting systems are a great way to showcase your incredible landscape & swimming pool. Something special for your Event, Expo, Amusement park or Sports event.

A Fog System as an attraction holds all its promises. With light and sound it is yet in the evening a spectacle for the senses. Children especially feel attracted by the magic of water mist, but also adults seeking refreshment and cooling on hot days. The system can be easily embedded into existing structures and artificial rocks made from concrete. If you are looking for original ideas, we will help you with our experience for the planning and the design.



Swimming pools & Waterparks

Special effects for swimming pools, artificial lakes, water cascades, and many more...


Gardens, Parks, Walkways

Special effects for landscaping, gardens, parks, exhibitions, and many more...

Amusement parks

Special effects for amusement parks, artificial lakes, water cascades, and many more...

Fountains, Events, Exhibitions

Special effects for fountains, sport and music events, exhibitions and many more...

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