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Radial Fan

Radial Fan

These systems have been developed and realized by technical experts and industrial designers to guarantee the best cooling of outdoor areas in hot ambient temperatures and excellent humidification for industrial applications.


EuroJet is a revolutionary cooling and humidificationsystem for large outdoor and indoor areas.

The system is combination of ventilation and misting. Eurojet systems operate by the physical principle of evaporative cooling, creating a thin fog. Double filtered 1 - 5 micron water is pressurized at 70 bar and distributed along pressure pipes, then sprayed through special patented high pressure nozzles as an extra thin mist. Billions of smaller than 10 micron droplets will refresh the atmosphere. This fog in ambient hot air will dry off, lowering heat, reducing temperature of even 10 - 15 °C (50 - 60 °F) of ambient temperature.

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